Current Fiber:

Arrow is currently installing fiber to the home in several communities that will be live Spring of 2022 for the following areas:
  • Driftpile First Nation

  • Duncan’s First Nation

  • Fishing Lake Metis Settlement

  • Gregoire Lake First Nation

  • Jean Baptiste Gambler First Nation

  • Montana First Nation

  • O’Chiese First Nation

  • Peavine Metis Settlement

New Fiber:

New fiber to the home construction begins in Spring 2022 for the following areas:

  • Sunchild First Nation

  • Whitefish #128 (Goodfish) First Nation

Be assured we will be continuing to expand this list, and look forward to the improved level of service this will allow us to provide. As well, we continue to upgrade our towers to support higher capacities of 25Mbps and 45Mbps all non fiber regions.

Our tower infrastructure upgrades are being handled as quickly as crews and equipment are ​ available. We plan to have upgraded speeds in all regions we serve by the end of 2022.
Currently upgrading tower/equipment in Sturgeon Lake First Nation.
Technician Schedule

Santa Fe Plaza-18236 102 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta

Phone: (780) 701-4050
Fax: (780) 451-6050