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In todays work place and communities there is constant pressure to improve application performance while reducing costs and ensuring security.

Many organizations with a centralized hub-and-spoke network topology reduce latency experienced by remote users by hosting corporate applications or providing Internet access closer to remote sites, often referred to as "regionalizing the network".

What are some benifits to bring Arrow gateway services to your remote location:
  • Faster end-user application response time at outstations
  • Reduction of Internet-browsing traffic on company's VPN backbone
  • Consistent and compliant Internet security at all outstations
  • Quicker provisioning of bandwidth and web-based applications at outstations
  • Space and equipment and bandwidth cost savings at gateways and outstations
  • Predictable costs
  • Higher Internet service availability and less business operations disruptions
  • Alleviates burden of managing Internet gateways
  • Reduces stress on security resources of central Internet gateway

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