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Arrow Products:
Arrow delivers the proven, effective and latest hosting technology.

Hosting & Co-Location:
Hosting is a service where by anyone who has Internet access types a Web address, that request goes to a Server "host" and the site is displayed to that person.

Hosting provides 24x7 Internet access to your company's Website and email. Your company's Web Site and email physically share server resources located at our office. Co-location is the same as hosting, but your company owns or leases its own dedicated servers residing at our location.

Full-Service Site Management
Arrow’s Web hosting services are a highly stable, scalable hosting platform that, coupled with first-class Web Site management services, provides the high-performance hosting environment your business demands.

Delivering the proven, effective and latest hosting technology.

Technology Solutions:
  • Full-service site management
  • State-of-the-art hosting and co-location
  • Email, Statistics, FTP, DNS
  • Microsoft Server 2003 (IIS)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Linux, MySQL
  • Security and Encryption

We'll help you take advantage of the latest web hosting technologies such email and database capabilities. Since presentation and performance are important, Arrow delivers the site security and high availability you rely on to maintain customer confidence in your name and brand.

We also make it easy for you to move from a basic informational website to a fully-functional transactional-based application hosting.

We even provide the back-end engineering to integrate your Website saving you time.

The Right Communication Tools:
Organizations increasingly see email and collaboration as important elements affecting their growth and profitability. People must be able to share ideas, critical business information and perspectives with virtually anyone—anytime, anywhere. That is why investing in the right email and collaboration solutions are so important. Contact us today, we can help you find and implement the solution that suits your business best.

Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007  is here, and it’s ready to take on your mission-critical email communication needs. Give your end-users the mobile access they need, with a unified inbox that accesses email, voicemail, calendar, contacts and tasks from anywhere, and from any device. Give them the protection they need to help against spam, viruses and phishing. And give yourself the tools to better deploy and manage your company’s communications platform cost-effectively.

Together, Office Outlook 2007 and Exchange Server 2007  simplify your communications. They improve the way you share information and connect with others while increasing message security and compliance. The combination of Office Outlook 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 gives you a comprehensive time and information management solution to better collaborate with fellow workers, customers, and partners.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007  helps your organization get more done by providing a platform for sharing information and working together in teams, communities and people-driven processes. Office SharePoint Server is an important part of the overall Microsoft collaboration vision and integrates with other collaborative products to offer a comprehensive infrastructure for working with others.

Working mobile is about to take a leap forward with Windows Mobile 6  - bringing great enhancements to familiar Microsoft® mobile applications like Outlook® Mobile, Office Mobile, and now Windows Live™ for Windows Mobile. Plus with security, scalability and manageability improvements, you will find it easier than ever to make your mobile workforce productive.

BlackBerry® Professional Software   is based on best-in-class BlackBerry® software—but with simplified features that are relevant to your business. You enjoy the same advantages in productivity, management and security, in a package that can be installed on your existing email server and is priced right for you.

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