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Fiber Optic Based Solutions
Arrow Technology fiber internet services are designed to be long-term broadband solutions with scalability features that allow speeds to be modified as your business grows and your needs change. Fiber optic services start at 5 Mbs and can be scaled to over 1 Gbs. All speeds are symmetrical and all of our services are scalable in 1 Mbs increments. This enables us to customize a network to fit your needs and deliver the broadband bandwidth you need – when you need it. Your days of bundling T1 lines are gone - once installed, we can increase internet fiber bandwidth from 5 Mbs to speeds in excess of OC-12 equivalent in a matter of minutes.

Fiber Optic Internet Service
Arrow Technology uses the most current technologies to deliver fiber optic Internet solutions to meet the needs of businesses/communities of all sizes. We leverage our existing infrastructure and equipment to deliver high quality and highly reliable broadband services those businesses can depend on. By implementing a customized fiber optic Internet solution from Arrow Technology, you can take advantage of your business’/communities full potential – utilizing the fastest and most reliable fiber optic network available today. The more your business or community relies on the Internet, the more you need Arrow.

Fiber Optic WAN Service
Also commonly known as point to point or transparent LAN services, Arrow Fiber Optic WAN Service offers customers symmetrical network connectivity with speeds ranging from 5 Mbs up to 1 Gbs or more. Data is transported on dedicated fiber links and Arrow Technology will provide you with the fiber bandwidth you need and the control you need to seamlessly link your multiple locations with a secure Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). A secure, scalable, fast, reliable, and robust network will allow you the flexibility and bandwidth you need to efficiently run your business. With our customized fiber optic broadband solutions, you are not required to buy bandwidth in pre-determined blocks as traditionally required by phone companies. With Arrow Fiber Optic WAN service, all speeds are scalable in 1Mbs increments so you only buy the bandwidth you need and you only pay for what you buy.

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