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Our Services:
Arrow Technology Group can help you acquire the right technology for the job.

When it comes to configuring new systems like desktops, servers, or networking devices, the investment in time - let alone equipment and salaries for permanent technicians - can weigh heavily on any size organization. Whether you need a few customized systems for a small business or hundreds for an enterprise rollout, Arrow can help you acquire the right technology for the job, on time and on budget.

PCs: Made to Measure:
Maybe you need extra memory for one system or, custom documentation and images for 1,000. In either case, Arrow can fulfill virtually any PC customization requirement.

Software applications can be installed onto systems through an integration network or from shrink-wrapped boxed product. All major software licensing programs are supported. And because the systems employed throughout the installation are continually monitored for virus contamination, you can be sure the software supplied is always safe and ready to use. Arrow can also facilitate the creation of hard drive images, or use your own hard drive images and have them downloaded onto your new systems. Moreover, Arrow will fulfill the installation of additional hardware components, including extra hard drives and processors, memory, network cards, video cards and more.

Arrow can handle any level of server configuration you need. Offerings include simple hardware install-only configurations to multiple-device installations, RAID level setting, installation of operating systems and network applications, configuration of storage enclosures, and rack configuration and installation. Arrow can also look after the installation of additional hardware components in your CPUs, laptops, servers, networking solutions and other products.

IP Switches & Routers:
Memory, WIC, WAN card, GBIC module and IOS installations are all part of the standard networking services offering. Advanced options include routing table setup, VLANs, PIX Firewall services and cable color-coding.

Wireless Networking PDAs:
Arrow can assist in preparing your equipment for the use of wireless devices. For example, the PDAs your staff use can be customized by loading a custom logo as wallpaper or installing specific documents or software.

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