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Network Security Solutions:
Secure your future with SIS's security products and solutions.

Network security threats can come from all directions - and affect all aspects of your business. Network security solutions from SIS are designed to prevent incidents and threats that disrupt productivity, impact customer relationships, and erode profits. Our easy-to-manage, cost-effective solutions can help safeguard your network, data, user access, messaging systems and physical environment.

Networking Solution Offerings:

  • Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, Anti-spam
    Keep your entire network safe by providing proactive protection against viruses, spyware, phishing scams, spam—and new threats you haven’t even heard of yet. Malware protection solutions from SIS safeguard the network from the Internet gateway to individual client PCs and everywhere in between. Our comprehensive solutions protect essential servers, desktops, remote clients, and popular messaging environments such as Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and Lotus Notes/Domino.

  • Firewall, VPN and Unified Threat Management Solutions
    Firewall / VPN solutions make it easy to communicate securely with customers, partners, branch offices and remote users. From advanced software solutions to all-in-one unified threat management appliances, SIS security offerings provide the flexibility to choose just the right level of network protection your business requires.

  • Web Content Filtering/Blocking
    Surfing the Internet has become a critical part of conducting business, however inappropriate Internet usage has led to lower productivity, inappropriate use of company resources, increased bandwidth usage and human resource issues. SIS's web filtering solutions regulate and provide valuable insight into all Web activities allowing customers to meet new government regulations, HR policies & corporate Internet usage policies.

  • Identity, Authentication & Access Management Solutions
    To secure people, organizations must first establish and then assure peoples’ identities using authentication, identity and access management solutions. Securing data may require the use of encryption and key management solutions. SIS’s identity, authentication and access management solutions help businesses to securely put critical information into the hands of the people who need it—while protecting that information against unauthorized access..

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